The Microlift System is an innovative retractable solution that helps you put up and take down suspended signage and decor items as often as you like, without the need of a ladder, lift or specialized labor.

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Versa-Trak is your Drop-In Pusher and Custom Shelf Management retail solution to keep your product where it should be: in front of the consumer. Your customers will no longer see an empty or disorganized shelf or have to reach to the back of your display to get what they want.

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A device that joins a product to a cabinet with a cable so that product can be turned, held, demonstrated, tested, or viewed while remaining secured and attached to the counter, display case or cabinet.

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Constant Force Displays

If you can relate to any of the following, then Constant Force Displays is for you:

Number 1
You have signs hanging from the ceiling and would like to change them more frequently and without getting on a ladder and taking a lot of time.
Number 2
You have an issue with keeping products organized and your employees are spending more time with the product than with the customer.
Number 3
You are looking for a Drop-In Pusher for an existing shelf system.
Number 4

You have products such as phones or tablets that need to be in the customer’s hands to try before they buy and you need an economical way to keep them secure.

Constant Force Displays specializes in retail solutions that include retractable signage, shelf management, and security tethers to give you the ability to reach and sell more products without the issues associated with retail challenges.

We invite you to take a look at our products and see how Constant Force Displays can help be your solution for retail success.