The most powerful retractable
signage system on the market

Microlift is an innovative retractable signage system that allows you to put up and take down suspended signage and decor items as often as you like, without the need of a ladder, lift or specialized labor.

Microlift units easily mount directly to all ceiling types including drywall, T-bar and open joist. With five standard models to choose from and options for customized orders, these light-weight, inexpensive units enable you to change signs safely, easily and quickly!

The only ladderless signage system designed and built in North America.

Microlift 01
Microlift 02
Microlift 03
Microlift 04

How to use


Models & Accessories

Everything you need to hang signs, quickly, safely, and easily!

  • Number 1 Microlift units come in a variety of sizes to fit most signage needs. Standard sizes range from 1 kilograms (2.2 lbs) of lift to 5 kilograms (11 lbs) . It's important to know the types of signs and weights before specifying Microlift units.
  • A Cradle
  • B Hook insert - for pulling sign down and controlling the return up
  • C Holes for sign-hanging hardware
  • D Level
  • E Slide clamp for aluminum extrusion
  • F Holes for mounting to T-Bar clip, Hanging Bracket or Cable

Microlift Accessories

  • Number 2 T-Bar Clip
    (see ceiling attachment 'T-Bar' for details)
  • Number 3 Hanging Bracket
    (see ceiling installations for details)
  • Number 4 Adjustable Installation Cables
  • Number 5 Microlift Pole
    (see operating instructions for details)

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