Ceiling Sign Hangers—The Best Way to Hang Banners

ceiling sign hangerWhen looking to enhance or improve your store, ceiling sign hangers are an effective addition to any retail environment. Any retail business owner knows that signage and banners are crucial for creating a good retail experience for customers. While signage is a simple addition for any store, it can actually be difficult to secure and switch signage constantly. This could cause business owners to not take full advantage of their signage.

With ceiling sign hangers, signs and banners can easily be hanged and secured to a store’s ceiling. These devices simplify the process and make it easier than ever to have effective signage in your store. Here are some of the top benefits of retail ceiling sign hangers.

Adds Value to Any Environment

Consumers make a lot of decisions based on the look or feel they get from your store. Having ceiling signage automatically gives an environment a more professional appearance, as well as helps improve branding and marketing. Signage can also be used for practical purposes, like directing or guiding customers. With ceiling banner hangers, you can also potentially use signage at special events or trade shows, making yourself stand out from other competitors.

Effectively Capture Consumer Interest

One of the first things a customer sees when they walk into a store is your ceiling signage. We generally look up as opposed to at the ground, and ceiling signage immediately captures our attention. Whether you want to promote a special sale, discount, product, or service, there’s no better way to do so than by using ceiling signage.

Easily Mountable

Good ceiling sign hangers are easily mountable with any ceiling type, including ceilings with drywall, open joists, or t-bars. Instead of struggling to secure signs every week or month, you can secure a ceiling hanger in the time it would take to put up one sign. For many types of retail stores, where the ceiling may not easily allow for signs or banners, using a hanger can add a new dimension to the in-store branding.

Safer and Easier

Not all ceiling sign hangers are created equal. Retractable sign hangers allow you to switch signs from the safety of the floor in a manner of minutes. They reduce the risk of falls or other employee injuries, as well as save on the man-hours needed to change signs by more regular means.

Benefits of Microlift

Microlift is the most powerful retractable signage system on the market. As the only ladder-less signage system built and designed in North America, Microlift allows retailers to easily and safely secure signs in any store. Microlift is easily mountable on any ceiling type, including drywall, t-bars, and open joists. Customized orders are available to meet your specific needs.

Constant Force Displays specializes in retail solutions that give you the ability to reach and sell more goods by offering innovative retractable signage systems and display products, such as Microlift. For more information on how Constant Force Displays can help you with retail success, call (800)-675-1636 or email info@microliftusa.com.