How Spring-Loaded Shelf Pushers Help Increase Revenue

spring loaded shelf pusherWhen store owners think about ways to improve their sales, the first thing that comes to mind usually isn’t spring-loaded shelf pushers. While marketing, expansions, and new products are all high-investment ways to generate revenue, simple changes within a retail store can also have a big impact for far less cost. Enhancing the retail experience is one of the sure-fire ways to boost revenue, profits, and customer satisfaction, and shelf product-pushers are simple tools that have been shown to have an effect on retail profits.

What is a Shelf Management Pusher System?

A retail pusher system is a spring-loaded device that continuously pushes products to the front of shelves. By installing one of these pusher systems, retailers can have their shelves continuously lined with products, eliminating the need for constant restocking and reorganizing of shelves. Retail shelf pushers give a store’s shelves an orderly and organized appearance by conveying the appearance of full shelves even when products are almost sold out.

Do Shelf Product-Pushers Generate Revenue?

It is easy to see how pusher systems could cut down on costs for retailers. Without the need for constantly restocking shelves, businesses do not need as many staff members or as much time to spend on shelf organization. However, shelf pushers can actually generate revenue for businesses.

A study from the Center for Advanced Retail & Technology (CART) found that shelf pushers could increase a store’s sales by over 17%. In the study, stores that implemented shelf pushers to sell frozen pizzas were compared to stores which did not use pusher systems. The stores that used the systems saw up to a 17.6% increase in the year-to-year sales of their frozen pizzas.

The results of the study showed that shelf pushers actually do increase sales.

Why Do Shelf Pushers Increase Sales?

While it may seem strange that shelf pushers can generate sales, it makes sense when one considers the importance of the retail experience. There are a variety of factors which can both consciously and unconsciously influence a customer’s decision-making when it comes to purchases. When people see empty or disorganized shelves, they can often draw negative conclusions about a store. They may assume it is poorly run, that it doesn’t have a good selection, or even get a bad impression of the products themselves. On the other hand, neat and full shelves create positive impressions in customers, which also make them more likely to purchase something.

As well, shelf pushers ensure that products and brands are always visible. Customers can find products more easily and see more products than they would otherwise. In this way, shelf pushers can enhance in-store marketing by clearly presenting new products to customers and making it more likely for them to either make an immediate purchase or make one at a later date.

While retailers often have their attention focused on big things they can implement, shelf pushers and other simple changes have been proven to boost sales by double-digit percentages. Sometimes, it’s the simple things which can have the biggest effects!

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