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How Spring-Loaded Shelf Pushers Help Increase Revenue

When store owners think about ways to improve their sales, the first thing that comes to mind usually isn’t spring-loaded shelf pushers. While marketing, expansions, and new products are all high-investment ways to generate revenue, simple changes within a retail store can also have a big impact for far less cost. Enhancing the retail experience […]

Constant Force Displays Addresses Study Showing Consumers More Financially Confident This Year

Louisville, KY, December 11, 2015 – Constant Force Displays (www.ConstantForceDisplays.com), a manufacturer of specialized retail solutions, is commenting on a new study that suggests that customers are going to be spending more this holiday season. According to a new study, 47% of consumers are more confident in their finances than they were a year ago […]

Advantages of Spring-Loaded Shelf Management Systems for Retail Stores

When it comes to your customers’ retail experience, shelf management is one of the most important factors in any store. Well-stocked shelves promote more sales and improve your customers’ experience, while empty or disorganized shelves can reflect poorly on your business. However, shelf management is time-consuming, difficult, and—when labor costs are factored in—expensive. That is […]

Constant Force Displays Weighs in on Holiday Forecast for Retail Businesses

Constant Force Displays (constantforcedisplays.com), a manufacturer of specialized retail solutions, is weighing in on what retailers can expect in the upcoming holiday season. According to a new customer index from the University of Michigan, customer sentiment for this upcoming holiday season is up 3.6% over last year. The index takes into account how people are […]

5 Advantages of Drop-in Pushers in Retail Shelf Management

When it comes to providing a good retail experience, shelf management and product placement are crucial to success. Not only can good shelf management provide a better experience for your customers, but it can also help increase sales and reduce stocking time. One of the best shelf management systems for retail is the drop-in pusher. […]