5 Advantages of Drop-in Pushers in Retail Shelf Management

stocking shelvesWhen it comes to providing a good retail experience, shelf management and product placement are crucial to success. Not only can good shelf management provide a better experience for your customers, but it can also help increase sales and reduce stocking time. One of the best shelf management systems for retail is the drop-in pusher.

What is a Drop-in Pusher?

Drop-in pushers are also sometimes commonly referred to as product pushers or shelf pushers. They are a spring-loaded devices which are used to keep products on the front of shelves. Utilizing existing shelving that has a front fence, drop in pushers can be added and products can be loaded onto the shelves in rows. When someone takes a product from the front, a spring-loaded mechanism pushes the row of product forward, filling in the space at the front of the shelf. This ensures that until the last of any product is taken, the front of your shelf will remain full of products.

Benefits to Drop-in Pushers

Drop-in pushers have many benefits, but there are five key things that they can do for your business. Here are the biggest advantages to using a product pusher.

Installation and Maintenance
When it comes to choosing a shelf management system, there are very few which are easier to install or maintain than drop-in pushers. They can easily be added to your existing shelving that has a front fence. Setup can be as easy as simply placing a drop-in pusher on your shelf. High quality drop-in pushers also allow easy adjustments to be made for better use with different products. There is little-to-no maintenance involved.

Organized Displays
Retail businesses strive to have a clean, presentable image. There’s no better way to organize your shelves than with a drop-in pusher. They ensure that each of your products is displayed in an exact row. As people take products from your shelf, there’s no need to worry about your products becoming mixed up or your displays being disorganized. A drop-in pusher keeps everything in its exact place.

Consumer Friendly
It’s important for any retail business to consider the customer experience. One thing customers hate is having to struggle in hard-to-reach places (like the back of a high shelf) to get what they want. Customers also hate when products are disorganized and they cannot find what they need. Drop-in pushers eliminate all of these problems. By keeping products at the front, they ensure that any product is always less than an arm’s length away.

Stock Update and Management
Stocking shelves and inventory is one of the biggest time-consumers for retail businesses. Using a shelf pusher drastically cuts down on the time it takes to stock a shelf. There’s no need to awkwardly arrange products or waste time ensuring they line up. Products can simply be loaded into the drop-in pusher. Furthermore, drop-in pushers eliminate the need for rotating dated products. By streamlining your stock management, drop-in pushers can save you the time and labor costs that would be spent on stocking shelves.

Enhancing Sales Experience
When it comes to increasing sales, presentation is as important as any other aspect of your business. Studies have shown that small things can have a big effect on people’s thoughts and decision-making, including the purchases they choose to make. Having a fully-stocked shelf is one way to appeal to customers, providing a clean, professional image. Empty shelves and disorganized product displays can turn customers off. By using a drop-in pusher, you can ensure your shelves always look clean and professional.

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