Control Retail Theft with Security Display Tethers for Cell Phones

There’s a reason why so many retail stores use retail security displays: shoplifting is very common. In fact, some studies suggest that one in every 10 customers shoplifts; this means that if a business isn’t careful, it can lose a lot of products and money to retail theft. Retail theft can have a big impact on a company’s revenue and profits. In some cases, theft could even be the difference between a business succeeding and folding. This is why most retailers heavily focus on security measures. However, there are many different security options, each with their own benefits.

Increased Security Presence

The traditional security option for retailers has been to increase their store’s security presence. This can include hiring more staff, hiring security guards, using security cameras, and adding door alarms. All of these methods are aimed at catching people who are already in the act of stealing. Often, these methods are effective for preventing theft from casual shoplifters.

Unfortunately, all of these security methods do little to deter the more motivated thieves, who know how to get around all of these common deterrents. With security guards or extra staff, all it takes is one moment for shoplifters to quickly slip a product into their bag or pocket. As well, hiring extra security guards or extra staff is prohibitively expensive.

Locked Retail Security Display

A better option for security is using locked glass displays or keeping products behind counters. These methods aim to stop shoplifting from occurring, rather than trying to catch shoplifters in the act. With a locked glass display or counterpart, shoplifters cannot grab items. If customers want an item, they need a sales associate to unlock the case and get it for them.

The downside of this security method is that security displays can have a negative impact on the retail experience for you customers. For most customers, looking at a product, reading the product information, and browsing are all important in their decision-making process. Security displays can prevent this from happening, thus decreasing sales.

Security Display Tether

One of the most effective options for deterring shoplifters is using a security display tether. These tethers can attach to the actual products themselves (like an out-of-box phone or laptop), securing them and making them irremovable. In this way, customers can hold, look at, and even use the product as they make up their mind, but they cannot remove it from the table to which it is tethered. This means that security tethers can effectively prevent shoplifting while also enhancing the retail experience for customers.

Security tethers are commonly used for cellphone display security, as well as for other electronic products (e-readers, laptops, headphones), household equipment (hairdryers), sports equipment (paintball guns), and lifestyle products (perfume bottles). The only downside is that there are some products which cannot be used with tethers, such as books. However, for most products, security tethers are by far the most effective and affordable retail solution.

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