How to Choose a Retractable Ceiling Signage System

hanging signpostWhen it comes to your retail store or business, using a retractable signage system is an easy way to enhance customer experience. Signage and décor are important parts of any retail environment. Not only does good signage help increase sales and advertise products, it can also be used to guide customers, provide holiday-themed greetings, and add a personal touch to your business. One of the most important places to hang signage is from the ceiling, where it will easily catch customers’ eyes. Yet, because of the many challenges involved, many retail stores do not make good use of their ceiling space for signage.

What is a Retractable Signage System?

A retractable signage system is a device that makes switching and replacing ceiling signage much easier. Typically, ladders and lifts are needed to put up or take down ceiling signage. This process is time-consuming and difficult, and it often leads to retailers leaving up signs for longer than they may want.
After its initial installation, a retractable sign hanger lets you easily change signs in a matter of minutes by allowing you to extend the sign down to your level. This makes changing signage—and décor—a simple and quick process.

How to Choose an Effective Retractable Signage System

Here are some things you should look for when selecting a retractable sign hanger for your retail business.
Ease and Safety: The main benefit to retractable sign hangers is that they are easy to use and safe for you, your employees, and your customers. Look for a retractable sign hanger that uses a pole (or similar tool) to extend signage down to floor level. As well, look for a well-designed unit that won’t jam and will allow for smooth lowering of ceiling signage. If you end up having to frequently use a ladder to hassle with a poorly designed retractable sign hanger, then there is no benefit.

Versatility: An effective retractable signage system should be able to be used with any type of ceiling, including drywall, T-bar, and open-joist. As well, look for ceiling sign hangers that can be used with a variety of signage sizes. A good retractable signage system should be able to handle a diverse range of sizes and weights. Look for a system that can meet your needs.

Adaptability: There are times or circumstances in which you may need a specific type of signage. For instance, you may want special signage for the holiday season, or maybe you want to present a certain sign that holds significance for your business. Many retractable sign hangers can be customized to explicitly meet your needs by being tailored towards your signage and your retail environment. Look for a company that works with its clients to provide signage that works for your particular retail setting.

North American: When looking for a good-quality signage system, look for products that are made in North America. Many retractable signage systems are made overseas, and sometimes these products can be of lower quality. Plus, a sign hanger being shipped from abroad can increase costs and take weeks or months to arrive. Choosing a quality sign hanger made in North America can ensure that you receive your unit within days and for an affordable price.

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