Improving Retail Productivity with Retractable Signage

Retractable signageWhile signage is an important component of any retail store—it helps to guide customers, promote products, and increase brand awareness—it can pose many problems for businesses that are not using retractable signage systems. Securing signs to the ceiling can be difficult, time-consuming, and even dangerous for employees. Both injuries and deaths have occurred in the past when employees fell off of ladders while assembling or disassembling signage. These difficulties and risks often cause retailers to use signage sparingly, which means they don’t take full advantage of the benefits it offers.
Retractable signage allows retailers to quickly and safely secure and change the signage in their store. In fact, using a retractable signage system is an easy way to boost the productivity of any retail business. Here are just some of the ways that a retractable ceiling hanger can help your retail store.

Fewer Staff

Putting up ceiling signage usually requires at least two staff dedicated to the task: one employee climbing up to secure the signage and another holding the ladder. Retail businesses often have to schedule extra employees solely for the task of changing signage. Retractable signage can eliminate these staffing needs as retractable signs can easily be hung by one person. By using a retractable signage system in your business, you can easily save on employee wages and labor costs.

Less Time

Securing ceiling signage is typically a time-consuming task, and can take up a large percentage of your employees’ time. This leads many retailers to change their signage infrequently. With retractable signage, signs can be quickly switched in a manner of minutes. There’s no need to use lifts, ladders, or other complicated devices. Signs can simply be retracted down to floor level from the ceiling to be switched. By saving time, you can increase employee productivity and save on the associated labor costs.

Create Demand

It’s important for any retail business to use best practices to guide customers, improve branding, and increase sales. Signage is one of the more effective methods for doing this. By making it easier to use, retractable ceiling hangers allow you to change signs on an as-needed basis. You can promote special sales or discounts, use holiday-specific signs, or even change signage on a day-to-day basis. Retractable signage systems can help you increase sales in your business or improve your branding by taking full advantage of the benefits of ceiling signage.

Improved Safety

One of the biggest benefits of retractable signage is that it completely eliminates the potential for ladder- or lift-related injuries. The usual methods of changing signs can be incredibly dangerous. If an employee falls from a raised height, they can easily become injured or even be killed. Not only is this a terrible tragedy, but you could be held liable in many instances. Retractable signage eliminates this risk entirely. It’s an option that will keep your employees safe.

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